Going Underground: Metro Tiles

Once upon a time, as the saying goes, it was decided to build an underground railway. So in due course, London
had its Metropolitan Railway, constructed over the years from 1863 to the end of the century, which later acquired
the more prosaic title of the Underground. New York eventually followed suit with its Subway, and in France, a
Metropolitan – or Metro – railway also made its debut.

As well as the railway itself, which was the integral component, it was, of course, necessary to provide public areas
and platforms where travellers would await the arrival of the passenger cars. These areas were designed
essentially to be hard wearing and easy to keep clean, but also attractive in style. They were intended to collect
and distribute the maximum amount of light and to provide a cheerful appearance, so as to offset the fact that
people were often very far beneath the surface of the earth.

Metro Tile Range – https://www.tonsoftiles.co.uk/metro-tiles.html