Metro Stone Effect Tiles

What you’ll find in metro stone effect tiles is the classic subway tile shape — the iconic bevelled edge rectangle —
blended beautifully with the luxurious appearance of real marble. Marble has long been associated with unrivalled
levels of opulence, being used to create some of the grandest structures of all time, including India’s Taj Mahal,
the Athenian Parthenon, Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial, and the Vatican, whose mosaic floors and columns
are all crafted from this stunning, high-quality material.

With many of the most attractive features of real marble — the eye-catching grey-blue ‘veins’ that are often found
running through Italian Carrara marble from the Tuscany region, and the smooth, almost gloss-like surface — metro
stone effect tiles are practically indistinguishable from their real counterparts.
These tiles offer subtle character with their slight colour variations; ideal for adding a touch of ‘oomph’ and a little
something different, without needing to resort to bright, bold colours or unusual shapes and sizes. In fact, their light
grey base makes them perfect for a wide range of rooms, including hallways, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. With
sealing, these tiles can even be used in wet room environments.

Ultimately, metro stone effect tiles provide an attractive and alternative way to incorporate the ‘back to nature’
trend into your home. The appearance of natural stone is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors in, while still
maintaining a sleek, stylish, and minimalist look with that clean and simple subway tile shape.

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