Microline Tiles

The history of metro tiles is very interesting and shows just how long this style has been around. It’s classic in
every sense of the word, and while the subway tile is still a popular choice for the home — particularly kitchens —
homeowners who prefer a more modern look frequently choose Microline.

Measuring 5x20cm, Microline tiles are typically longer and narrower than regular metro tiles, which often come in
10x20cm or sometimes 10x30cm sizes. This makes them appear more streamlined, slim, and elongated, helping to
create the contemporary, minimalist look. Microline tiles are also often flat, whereas metro tiles usually feature the
iconic bevelled edge. This makes subway tiles appear softer and rounder, while Microline tiles are more sharp,
straight, and angular. The differences between the two are subtle, but they are there, and they’re distinct enough
to add a contemporary twist to a classic style.

What’s great about Microline is that these tiles particularly lend themselves to the unusual. As well as being
positioned in the standard subway pattern — offset horizontal rows — Microline tiles can also be placed into a more
striking and eye-catching herringbone pattern. This creates a jagged ‘zig zag’ type design that draws attention and
captures interest.

Microline tiles look good anywhere in the home, especially in kitchen and bathroom spaces, and anywhere else
where a classic subway tile would typically be used. White tiles with gloss finishes help to reflect light back into the
room, which is great if you want to create a more spacious appearance, while darker grey colours add more of a
dusty, almost pastel-like hue, for an attractive yet unusual look.

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