Old Meets New: Microline Tiles

Who did design better: us, or our ancestors? It’s a tricky question to answer. After all, the 1800s gave us
‘European Classic’, with ornate columns, natural stone, and intricate plaster mouldings, while today we’re
incorporating geometric shapes and sharp, angular designs; the 1950s brought us Mid-Century Modern (now
referred to as ‘retro’), while in the 1980s postmodernism dominated our kitchens. Perhaps most interesting of all,
the 1920s saw the rise of the metro tile.

So what’s best: old or new? Can’t decide? Why not incorporate both into your home design?

Metro Tile Range – https://www.tonsoftiles.co.uk/metro-tiles.html

Microline – https://www.tonsoftiles.co.uk/microline-5x20cm-wall-tiles.html