Colour trends come and go, but the re-invention of stylish pinks has managed to become a staple in unique interior design. With hundreds of different tones, hues and shades, pink is a fantastic versatile colour that can help bring a warmth to any room. Pastel shades, dusty pinks and vibrant accents give you endless opportunities when using this colour. Pink connotes both romance and feminism, matching it with strong dark colours will help leave an imposing impression. So, which pink is for you?

With the fashionable rose gold making waves within the industry and calmer tones such a salmon being a stable option for interior design, picking the right shade to compliment your setting can be a tough task. Salmon pinks and pale tones have had a resurgence within pop culture and the term ‘millennial pink’ has had resounding effects throughout the fashion industry. This nude-like colour contrasts perfectly with darker tones as seen with our Rose Mallow tile from the Artesano Range.

Shiny coppers and rose golds are perfectly matched with shades of pink, making them perfect for all living spaces. A great example of this is our Rose gold splashback, which complements pink tones seamlessly. Adding a feature rose gold element adds a touch of glamour and is a complete throwback to 50s and 60s pink styles that were used in art deco inspired bars and shops. Soft greys can also help balance out pink shades and their prosperity in modern interior design will help bring harmony to any Kitchen or Bathroom palette.

Convincing your husband that pink is a good idea might be the first hurdle that needs crossing, but from then on, it’s plain sailing. Choosing pink as an option for your next wall or floor renovation project is a safe choice. But if you’re in need any inspiration, make sure you check out our Pinterest and Instagram account for stylish ideas and inspo!