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  • Metro White Gloss 10x20cm

    After a contemporary feel to your home? If so, our Metro White Gloss tiles can modernise your kitchen or bathroom, offering a beautifully luxurious yet simple finish to your house....
  • Metro White Matt 10x20cm

    Metro White Matt 10x20cm
  • Brick Metro Sage Grey Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    With classic bevelled edges in a muted grey-green colourway, our Brick Metro Sage Grey tiles are the perfect choice for a tranquil, minimalistic space where natural textures and colour schemes...
  • Metro Light Grey Gloss 10x20cm

    Add soft elegance with our Metro Light Grey Gloss tiles. Its beautifully muted tones and almost pastel-like colouring makes these tiles incredibly versatile. You can create a rustic, chic or...
  • Metro Dark Grey Gloss 10x20cm

    Dabble with the darker things in life with these Metro Dark Grey Gloss tiles, which are suited for homeowners who are after an interior that will make a subtle statement....
  • Metro Mid Grey Gloss 10x20cm

    Inspired by the London Underground, our Metro Mid Grey Gloss tiles are the epitome of vintage-meets-modern. In a contemporary steel-grey colourway, their mirrored glaze adds depth and movement to interior...
  • Metro Marble Effect 10x20cm

    Add character and sophistication to your home with the Metro Marble Effect Marble Wall Tiles. The added impact of the marbling can transform your kitchen into a modern haven you...
  • Metro Pink Gloss 10x20cm

    Pink has become all the rage recently, especially with the likes of Pink Blush and Rose Gold entering the scene. Add sophistication and new wave charm to your home with...
  • Metro Baby Pink Gloss 10x20cm

    A gorgeous subway design combined with the most perfect shade of pastel pink - this is the tile we never knew we needed! Classic in design but contemporary in finish,...
  • Cobalt Blue Metro Tiles 10x20cm

    Often spotted within London's Underground, our Cobalt Blue Metro tiles are inspired by the very same subway tiles you might stumble across whilst adventuring in the city. Reminiscent of deep...
  • Metro Teal Gloss 10x20cm

    Punchy, polished and full of personality, our Teal Gloss Metro tiles make a cheery addition to any kitchen or bathroom, adding a lively pop of colour behind a basin or...
  • Metro Green Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    A classic subway tile in a deep, velvety bottle green, our Metro Green Gloss tiles exude luxury and majesty. With their mirror-like glaze and rich yellow undertones, they are perfect...
  • Metro Light Sage Gloss 10x20cm

    For traditional and earthy tones, our Metro Light Sage Gloss tile can help bring mother nature into your home without being overwhelmingly garish. This muted green is subtle, bright, but...
  • Brick Metro Midnight Blue Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    In rich tones of navy and black, our Brick Metro Midnight Blue tiles evoke a sense of opulence, adding a touch of royal charm to even the most humble of spaces....
  • Brick Metro Turquoise Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    A contemporary colourway in a classic brick design, our Turquoise Brick Metro tiles are the perfect blend between modern and traditional styling. Their lustrous glaze accentuates their soft sea-green colour,...
  • Brick Metro Mint Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    Inspired by colours featured in Scandinavian décor, our Mint Brick Metro tiles are the perfect choice for a clean, minimalistic space where natural textures and muted colour schemes take centre stage....
  • Metro Black Gloss 10x20cm

    Add drama with our Metro Black Gloss tiles. The Metro Black Gloss tiles add depth and class to any kitchen and bathroom. For a monochrome and classical interior, our Metro...
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