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  • Metro White Flat Matt 10x20cm

    Not a fan of the gloss? Well, look no further. Our Metro White Flat Matt tiles are sophisticated, versatile, and beautifully chic. With its minimalist charm and modern appeal, these...
  • Metro White Flat Gloss 10x20cm

    For tiles with a difference, the Metro White Flat Gloss have a smooth finish and will create a creative brick pattern that exudes elegance and an ultra-modern interior. Add sophistication...
  • Metro Mid Grey Flat Gloss 10x20cm

    Inspired by the London Underground, our Metro Mid Grey Flat Gloss tiles are the epitome of vintage-meets-modern. In a contemporary steel-grey colour way, their mirrored glaze adds depth and movement...
  • Metro Sage Grey Flat Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    In a versatile brick size, our Metro Sage Grey Flat Gloss tiles make a stylish addition to any home, pairing beautifully with both period and modern features alike. Their subtle...
  • Metro Sage Flat Gloss 10x20cm

    Inspired by the soft grey-green of dried sage leaves, our Metro Sage Gloss Flat tiles are the perfect choice for a clean, minimalistic space where natural textures and muted colour...
  • Metro Bottle Green Flat Gloss 10x20cm

    Cool, glossy and effortlessly chic; if you want to add real dimension to any room, the Metro Bottle Green Flat Gloss Wall Tiles is the way to go. It's pleasant, victorian green shade...
  • Metro Pink Flat Gloss 10x20cm

    Call it sophisticated, call it Scandi-chic; subtle shades of pink are becoming a real staple when it comes to adding eye-catching flare. The Metro Pink Flat Gloss finish makes it ideal for the...
  • Metro Black Flat Gloss 10x20cm

    A true statement tile, our Metro Black Gloss tiles are not for the faint-hearted! The perfect blend of a traditional subway tile in a contemporary inky-black colourway, they make a...
  • Metro Black Matt Flat 10x20cm Tiles

    Much like our Metro Flat Black Gloss equivalent, these flat matt tiles are a subtler nod to the classic underground subway tile. Pitch-black in colour with a silky smooth glaze,...
  • Metro Cream Flat Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

    The perfect tile choice for the ever-popular "cottage core" aesthetic, our Metro Cream flat gloss wall tiles are not just a one-hit wonder. Drawing inspiration from underground subway tiles, their...
  • Metro Cobalt Blue Flat Gloss Wall Tiles 10x20cm

     Often spotted within London's Underground, our Metro Cobalt Blue flat tiles are inspired by the very same subway tiles you might stumble across whilst adventuring in the city. Reminiscent of...
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