How To Use Cool Tones In Any Room 

Neutral and cool tones don’t just belong to Scandinavian chic. By deploying simple, timeless colours to each room, you can create a base that is easy to build on. Cool tones can create a room that feels open and breezy, and also sit comfortably with larger and more complex pieces of furniture. If you’re thinking of adding cool tones to a room, or multiple rooms, in your home, here’s how to go about it.

How to work with them

Cool and neutral tones are ideal when it comes to creating a background that’s simple to build upon. Their soothingly simple colour makes it less daunting to add pops of colour on top of them and create feature pieces. If you’re still a bit nervous about adding bright colours, a good method is to use the colour wheel technique. To do this, look at the colour wheel and reach for the opposite shade. For example, opposite purple and blue should be orange and yellow. 


If you want to skip cool hues of blue and teal altogether, then using monochrome shades creates a design that is timeless. For example, a white tile, such as the Metro White Gloss, or a grey colour, such as the Grey Metro Flat Gloss, would create a stunning monochromatic theme. You could even use the Urban Metro or the Urban Metro Flat tile to create relief and texture within your monochromatic theme. 

Use patterns

When it comes to cool tones, you have two options when it comes to patterns:

  • Create a pattern using cool and natural tones.
  • Use a neutral background to play off a complex or bright pattern.

Whichever option you use, you will still be using the calmer and more relaxing tones to allow the pattern to speak for itself without overwhelming the room. This allows you to be bold without fearing that the room will suddenly become claustrophobic. 


One easy way to create a neutral aesthetic is to use naturally simple patterns and tones. Marble has been long-associated with elegance and quality, and the fine, candy-floss light texture of the marble pattern won’t intrude to heavily on the room. For example, the Marble Effect Metro adds subtle texture while adding a classy and glossy sheen. This would add sophistication to a bathroom that requires an upgrade. 


Once you have a cool base to work with, you can add warm tones to provide a bit of contrast. You might also be surprised to know that black is sometimes considered a warm tone. Therefore if you contrasted the Metro Black with the standard White Metro tile, you would create a surprisingly warm contrast. Otherwise, using warm-coloured objects and furniture will create a bright, bold, and vibrant look. 

When it comes to creating a room that’s calming and pleasant to be in, cool tones are your friend. They allow you to experiment with a wider colour pallet, which maintaining a level of simplicity and elegance to your home. How you use them is completely up to you.