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Thinking of starting a new tiling project?

Tiling, although daunting, is definitely a DIY that anyone (even a complete tiling novice!) can try out for themselves. If you desire to tackle a new project, save some pennies and learn a new skill, we aim to give you all of the information you need to know to undertake almost any tiling endeavour by yourself, from gathering inspiration, choosing the right tiles for the job, planning your project and even installing your new tiles by yourself.


Six Interior Trends with Tiles

The first job is arguably the best – picking out your favourite tiles! Whether you wish to reinvent your bathroom, update a kitchen splashback or install a full wet room, we have hundreds of beautiful tiles for every project. When faced with a renovation, it can be difficult to picture how you would like the finished product to look. Creating a mood board for a tiling project is a helpful way to visualise and unify a scheme, especially if you would like to use a few different tiles together.

We have traditional, modern, contemporary and vintage tiles in an array of colours, textures, patterns and finishes. Once you have chosen a few styles from your mood boards, we can offer cut samples of larger tiles and full-sized samples of smaller designs on our website.

Need some inspiration? We’re kicking off our Tiling 101 series with an assortment of mood boards for every style, from the ornate, sultry Art Nouveau to the crisp, clean modern Scandi theme. We take a look at the trends which are here to stay.



Pattern Tiles

True vintage styling will always have a special place in our hearts. From fashion right through to furniture, our vintage tiles combine elements from both old and new, drawing inspiration from classic, mid-century design and retro styling to creating the most beautiful, intricate patterns.

Our V&A Brompton tiles are perfect for a show-stopping entryway, with their medieval design and neutral colour palette, they add character to more neutral décor. If you desire a softer, more subtle pattern, our Parisien Grey tiles add a contemporary edge to any room, evoking nostalgia with their nod to retro styling. They both pair wonderfully with period features such as Victorian wood-panelling or beneath a traditional feature fireplace.

If you are looking for tiles with a more authentic, aged-effect, our beautiful Night Star tiles look divine in any space for a truly star-studded finish. Try carrying the tiles up from the floor onto one wall to create a striking feature that takes centre-stage.



Scandi Tiles

A trend that shows no sign of slowing down, Scandinavian interiors provide crisp, utilitarian design with natural textures such as bleached wood and rugged concrete.

Our wood-effect New Forest tiles look sublime when laid on floors in a herringbone pattern, adding dimension to larger spaces and drawing the eye to all four corners of a room.

The ubiquitous influence of more raw, organic materials in Scandi design lends itself well to spaces that boast an abundance of natural light. Our white Urban Metro Flat tiles are perfect for both small and large spaces alike, reflecting reams of light with their glossy finish. Elevate their crisp, uniform shape with contrasting charcoal grout for maximum definition.

If you are feeling daring, our hexagonal tiles make a great Scandi feature above a basin or inside a shower alcove to create a striking contrast.



Modern Tiles

With Pantone hailing “Ultimate Grey” as their Colour of the Year for 2021, the trend for grey interiors remains robust. Modern styling is clean and minimalistic, with crisp whites and neutral greys paired with glittered marbles, polished concrete and unstructured hexagonal patterns to add a contemporary twist.

Our Concrete Matt White tiles are not only practical, but they soften and add warmth to starker interiors, reflecting light to create the illusion of space. Our Metro Mid Grey Flat tiles are perfect for creating an understated kitchen splashback or feature wall in a bathroom, and they look especially striking when paired with our crisp Metro White Flat tiles for a simple, fresh style.

If you are looking for a unified scheme, try laying marble tiles from ceiling to floor to create a seamless design that flows from one corner of the room to the other.  



Japandi Tiles

A hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese interior styling, Japandi combines simplicity and functionality with natural materials to create a sense of serenity and relaxation. Japandi styling aims to create spaces that are both sleek and minimalist with a touch of Scandi “hygge” for warmth and texture. It combines bleached woods with soft pastel shades to create a space which feels light and airy.

Our Cotswold range is perfect for creating Japandi-inspired spaces, with their sophisticated colourways and their gently rippled surface, they provide a natural, tactile finish to any space. Try laying our Cotswold tiles in uniform, stacked layers for a clean, understated scheme. Combine greige tones with taupes, soft pinks and mint greens for that ultimate feeling of tranquility.  


Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau

Considered the founder of Art Nouveau, William Morris is celebrated as one of the most recognisable textile designers of the 19th Century. His work features an array of ornate patterns in a mix of deep blues, reds, greens and golds.

Interiors have seen a resurgence in Art Nouveau styling, with bolder colour schemes and rooms that cocoon and comfort. With their adventurous mix of colours, our V&A Omar tiles are a subtle nod to Art Nouveau, creating a striking entryway floor or kitchen splashback. If you prefer plainer tiles in bold colours, our Plush Victorian bottle-green tiles pair beautifully with aged brass fixtures and darker wood accents. For a bathroom, our Rio Lagoon tiles create an opulent aesthetic that soothes and envelops.



Traditional Tiles

Maintaining popularity over the years, country-inspired interiors are definitely here to stay. Traditional styling combines a neutral colour palette of sage greens, soft greys, creams and warmer whites alongside natural wood accents and aged brass hardware to create a cosy, inviting aesthetic. Our understated Dorset tiles never fail to impress - boasting a rugged, handmade quality that accentuates their pearlescent glaze, they compliment period features wonderfully. Paired with our ornate Victorian-inspired Flossie Grey tiles, they add depth and character to muted décor and compliment natural materials and vintage accessories.  



Feeling inspired? We have even more tiles available at our online shop!

Next month, we tackle the minefield of different tile types, from porcelain to ceramic, terracotta to encaustic, we aim to give you all of the knowledge you need to choose the right tiles for your tiling project!